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We are Katie and Dan Peretti, Polani Bullmastiffs, of Oregon. Here at Polani Bullmastiffs, we are passionate about the breed. We aim to breed only the finest quality Bullmastiffs with an emphasis on excellent temperament, health, and conformation. Occasionally we will have puppies available to approved homes, under a written contract, and with lifetime support. 

History of the breed

The Bullmastiff breed was created in England in the mid 1800’s to protect estates from poachers. They are also known as the gamekeeper’s night dog. They were bred to work at night, quietly track poachers, knockdown and hold the poacher until the gamekeeper arrived. The bullmastiff is a symmetrically built dog that is powerful, fearless, confident, and loyal. The Bullmastiff’s intelligence, docility, and willingness to please, make for great family companions.

Is a bullmastiff right for you? Learn before you buy!

A Bullmastiff is not for everyone. They are a guard breed that requires socialization and training, and yes, they do drool!

Please refer to the American Bullmastiff Association for approved and accurate information about the bullmastiff

Consider a rescue.  You can visit the ABARS Link if you are interested in adopting -

If you can donate, please consider helping those less fortunate.

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